Proposed Rule Changes
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TitleDate FiledDescription
SR-ISE-2008-35     April 17, 2008     Proposed Rule Change Regarding Position and Exercise Limits for Options on the DIAMONDS Trust
SR-ISE-2008-31     April 7, 2008
April 9, 2008
Premium Product Fees
    Amendment No. 1
SR-ISE-2008-30     March 19, 2008     Proposed Rule Change Regarding Responses to Special Orders
SR-ISE-2008-29     March 20, 2008     Proposed Rule Change to Allow Members to Enter Orders into the Price Improvement Mechanism at a Price That Matches the NBBO
SR-ISE-2008-28     March 18, 2008     Exposure of Public Customer Orders that are not Executable on the Exchange before sending Linkage Orders
SR-ISE-2008-27     March 12, 2008     Penny Pilot Program Extension
SR-ISE-2008-26     March 10, 2008     Premium Product Fees
SR-ISE-2008-25     March 5, 2008
March 14, 2008
Rescinding the No MPM Order Type
    Amendment No. 1
SR-ISE-2008-24     March 5, 2008     Information Barriers
SR-ISE-2008-23     March 3, 2008     Cancellation Fees
SR-ISE-2008-21     March 27, 2008     Doing Business with the Public
SR-ISE-2008-20     February 28, 2008
February 29, 2008
Proposed Rule Change Requesting Permanent Approval of Two Pilot Programs That Increase Position and Exercise Limits
    Amendment No. 1
SR-ISE-2008-19     March 3, 2008     Proposed Rule Change to Amend the Quarterly Options Series Pilot Program To Permit the Listing of Additional Series
SR-ISE-2008-18     February 26, 2008     Proposed Rule Change Regarding Accommodation Liquidations
SR-ISE-2008-15     March 5, 2008     Proposed Rule Change Relating to the Exchange's Limitation of Liability
SR-ISE-2008-14     February 19, 2008     Proposal to amend parameters governing Solicitation of Interest orders
SR-ISE-2008-12     February 7, 2008     Proposed Rule Change Relating to Options Based on Gold ETFs
SR-ISE-2008-11     February 26, 2008     Cross Orders
SR-ISE-2008-10     February 21, 2008     Six Month Extension of a Pilot Program To Trade Options On EEM
SR-ISE-2008-09     January 18, 2008     Proposal Regarding Contrary Exercise Advise
SR-ISE-2008-06     February 8, 2008     Proposal to Create a Delta Hedging Exemption from Equity Options Position Limits
SR-ISE-2008-04     January 2, 2008
January 14, 2008
Waiver of RR Annual Renewal Fee
    Amendment No. 1