Kathy Lien on "The Most Effective Strategies for Trading the Currency Market"

Join Kathy Lien, renowned author and expert on Forex, as she demonstrates the most effective tools and tactics for trading forex, Kathy Lien is the Chief Currency Strategist at, one of the leading resources for online FX news and research.  Kathy is also one of the authors of Investopedia's Forex Education section and has written for the Asia Times Online, MarketWatch, Stocks & Commodities Magazine, ActiveTrader Magazine, Futures Magazine and SFO.  She is frequently quoted by Bloomberg, Reuters, the Wall Street Journal and the International Herald Tribune and has appeared on CNN, CNBC, CBS and Bloomberg Radio.  She is also the internationally published author of “Day Trading the Currency Market” (Wiley), which has been translated in to Chinese, Russian, Japanese and Spanish.  Trade your views on the strength or weakness of the U.S. dollar.  FX Options provide you with exposure to rate movements in the global foreign currency market and can be easily traded through all options-enabled brokerage accounts.  These exchange listed securities are cash-settled in U.S. dollars and have a European style exercise.
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