Join The Market Guys, AJ Monte and Rick Swope, as they share their philosophy on trading. In this session Rick and AJ will help you identify the right side of the market using pivot points. It's easy to find a technical indicator or strategy that you really like and then overuse it. Even the best indicator should be kept on the shelf if it doesn't apply to your current trade. This session will highlight how many choices traders face every trading day and why you need to become a master of the basics. Using charts and pattern, Rick Swope and AJ Monte also discuss why a picture is worth 1000 words - and a chart is worth 1000 technical indicators. Understand how to change the chart to view a different picture and expand your trading opportunities. They will also touch on the emotional and psychological issues related to trading,

Learn to trade your views on the strength or weakness of the U.S. dollar. FX Options provide you with exposure to rate movements in the global foreign currency market and can be easily traded through all options-enabled brokerage accounts. These exchange listed securities are cash-settled in U.S. dollars and have a European style exercise.

As a premier trading consultant, AJ is one of the most sought after in his field. He teaches professionals specialized techniques on how to accumulate and protect wealth through innovative market techniques. He has over 23 years in the business, ten of which were spent as a trader on the floor of the NY Commodity Exchange where he specialized in Gold & Silver Options.

Rick, a veteran in the industry, presented in hundreds of seminars across the U.S. and around the world. Specializing in the areas of Technical Analysis and Risk Management, his topics have continually stayed in demand. His passion for teaching is obvious and his energy is contagious. Rick was the managing partner of a trading firm in Cincinnati for several years, providing technical analysis, trading strategy and software training to the firm's traders. Rick also traded a partnership account during that time, executing up to 300 trades per day. Rick worked closely with some of the early pioneers of Small Order Execution System trading - the so-called SOES bandits.

Rick and AJ jointly host "Wealth & Wisdom" on PBS television and the top-rated on-demand radio show "The Market Guys Podcast".

Steve Meizinger is Director of Education at the International Securities Exchange (ISE), which operates a family of innovative securities markets. Steve is a prominent and leading expert in Forex, equity, and index options trading. Steve has led hundreds of seminars for thousands of retail investors over the years. In addition to being a top rated instructor for the ISE and the Options Industry Council, Steve also speaks to the trading community at key industry conferences and events. Steve helps investors navigate the market by sharing his vast trading experience and deep insight into the marketplace, allowing them to identify the most appropriate trading strategies. Steve also has over twenty years experience as an Options Specialist at several leading exchanges, including the NYSE, PHLX and AMEX.
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