Join Abe Cofnas, a leading authority in Forex, as he shares his proven methodology for trading FX Options, which adapts to all market conditions. In this session, Abe will show you how to develop an effective spread trading strategy for some of the major currency pairs, as well as understanding the fundamental factors and technical time and price patterns that help traders shape consistent successful strategies. Abe will help you recognize key patterns, risk management, know when not to trade, as well as structuring a trading plan. Spread trading in forex goes beyond directional trades or volatility plays. Its basis is the fact that the currencies reflect major fundamental forces that permeate global markets. These forces involve interest rate differentials, commodity cycles, global growth, and equity sector performance. The result is a powerful synchronicity between currencies themselves, and between currencies and other markets. The spread trader looks for the conditions when a currency goes outside its expected range of pricing. The spread trader is not playing a direction, but rather is playing a reversion to the mean. The spread trade, when it presents itself is a great opportunity to have fundamental and technical factors converge to produce a profitable results. The trader doesn’t have to predict how. The spread trade lets the market take care of that. There are several ways to tactically implement this. All of these are in play and can allow the forex trader maximum flexibility in adjusting strategies and tactics to their goals and risk tolerances. There are many spread opportunities in today's market that traders should explore. Spread analysis and trading can become a useful tool for the spot forex trader

Learn to trade your views on the strength or weakness of the U.S. dollar. FX Options provide you with exposure to rate movements in the global foreign currency market and can be easily traded through all options-enabled brokerage accounts. These exchange listed securities are cash-settled in U.S. dollars and have a European style exercise.

Abe Cofnas is the president for and founder of He has provided a worldwide audience with analysis and insight on what moves the forex market. He is noted forex trainer and speaker and provides a a unique approach of integrating fundamental and technical analysis. He was selected as the first forex trader columnist for Futures Magazine, writing a monthly column covering forex for the last 7 years, and has also provided unique content for their Web site. He is the author of The Forex Trading Course- Published by John Wiley which provides a getting started workbook on forex trading. Mr. Cofnas holds a Master's degree in political science, and a second Master's degree in public policy analysis from the University of California at Berkeley.

Steve Meizinger is Director of Education at the International Securities Exchange (ISE), which operates a family of innovative securities markets. Steve is a prominent and leading expert in Forex, equity, and index options trading. Steve has led hundreds of seminars for thousands of retail investors over the years. In addition to being a top rated instructor for the ISE and the Options Industry Council, Steve also speaks to the trading community at key industry conferences and events. Steve helps investors navigate the market by sharing his vast trading experience and deep insight into the marketplace, allowing them to identify the most appropriate trading strategies. Steve also has over twenty years experience as an Options Specialist at several leading exchanges, including the NYSE, PHLX and AMEX.
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