Join Raghee Horner, a best-selling author and professional trader with over 15 years experience, as she shares her unique philosophy to trading in today’s volatile markets for FX Options. Raghee will apply her trading methodology, including her “Three Classic Steps to a Three Step Analysis” to trading FX Options. Some key topics the she will cover include scanning the markets, swing and momentum trading, the Wave, trend lines, Fibonacci levels, keys to risk management, deciding risk to reward ratios, as well as advanced tools using candlestick patterns and pivot point levels. Her approach allows you to identify the market cycle and know whether prices are on the strong or weak side of the Wave.

Learn to trade your views on the strength or weakness of the U.S. dollar. FX Options provide you with exposure to rate movements in the global foreign currency market and can be easily traded through all options-enabled brokerage accounts. These exchange listed securities are cash-settled in U.S. dollars and have a European style exercise.

Raghee is an experienced trader with over fifteen years in the markets. She is the co-founder at and EZ2Trade Software and has taught her brand of technical analysis and charting strategies to students all over the world. As an international author, Raghee has taught currencies, futures and equities trading for over a decade. Her bestselling "Forex Trading for Maximum Profit" is gaining critical acclaim as it introduces readers to the forex market and her "Three Classic Tools to a Three Step Analysis". With an emphasis on charting and price action, Raghee continues to teach the tools and strategies that encourage self-directed traders to pursue the study of technical analysis and market psychology. Allowing experience of actual trades to inspire her strategies, Raghee has maximized the tools of eSignal to develop automated charting tools for active traders and investors. She has been interviewed by radio commentators as well as offered education and analysis on her own radio program. Raghee is a sought-after speaker who has conducted seminars throughout the US, Canada, Caribbean, and Asia. She is also is frequently invited to teach and offer analysis about the FOREX market. Raghee has written more than 100 articles on investing, active trading, and market psychology. She has also advised money managers and hedge funds. Her chart analysis and commentary have appeared on TradingMarkets, JAGNotes,,, and FXStreet. She has also been a regular on the MoneyWatch Radio Network.

Steve Meizinger is Director of Education at the International Securities Exchange. A leading expert on option trading, Steve brings over two decades of experience including over ten years as an option specialist in the trading operation of Spear, Leeds and Kellogg the nation’s largest option specialist firm. Steve has traveled extensively throughout North American teaching courses on equity, index and Forex option trading. He is a top rated instructor and author in the Options Industry Council, the US options industry’s education resource. Steve’s writings can be found across the financial industry and his work on trading and hedging using Forex options has become an industry benchmark. Steve brings together that rare mix of trading floor experience – upstairs trading and electronic exchange experience that is rare. His recent writings include contributions to StreetIQ and the AOL investment area. Steve regularly conducts 75 to a 100 option presentations a year in addition to over 100 webcasts and podcasts for all levels of investors.
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