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ISE Alternative Markets creates new markets to allow investors to manage risks that have been beyond the reach of traditional risk transfer mechanisms. Until now, real estate is the one major asset class that has lacked a liquid and efficient derivatives market. To address this shortfall, ISE Alternative Markets is proud to announce the launch of ReXX Commercial Property Derivatives.

The ReXX IndexSM is the first commercial real estate index to incorporate asking and lease rent data, interest rates and inflationary indicators (CPI) in property derivatives to provide a "bottom-up" view of the market. The ISE property derivatives market will operate using the Longitude framework, a patented mutualized matching engine owned by the International Securities Exchange.
ReXX IndexSM, ReXX Property IndexSM, and ReXX Real Estate Property IndexSM are service marks of ReXX Index, LLC and have been licensed for use by International Securities Exchange, LLC and its Affiliates.
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