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Order Routing System


The ISE Order Routing System serves as a front-end for the OTS, which allows Electronic Access Members to submit orders to and receive execution reports from ISE in their preferred message formats and communications protocols.

ISE’s Order Routing System software is supplied by GL TRADE Americas.

Scalable Configuration

ISE’s Order Routing System operates on redundant pairs of servers. Each pair of servers handles a subset of ISE’s order routing members. As new order routing firms connect to ISE, additional servers can be installed as necessary.

Full Redundancy

The hardware, software and network components in the Order Routing System are fully redundant and operate in a distributed environment across geographically diverse sites. The system is designed to recover quickly from any single point of failure.

GL TRADE Americas

The ISE Order Routing System software is supplied by GL TRADE Americas, a leading provider of third-party vendor order routing services in the United States, as well as enterprise management solutions for financial services institutions worldwide.

Developed by GL TRADE Americas, the system software processes all of the most commonly used order-entry message formats and protocols, allowing members to connect to the Exchange without making programming changes to their existing order routing systems. The Message Oriented Middleware manages connections and converts options order formats for submission to ISE’s OTS.


The ISE Order Routing System operates on a platform of multiple Sun Microsystems servers. Sun Microsystems is a worldwide leader in providing hardware and services for building and maintaining network computing environments.

Further Information
For more information about Order Routing, or to become an ISE Service Bureau, please contact Jon Nadel, Director Member Services, (212) 897-0248 or write to [email protected].