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CLICK Trade™


OMX and ISE collaborated to develop CLICK Trade™, a proprietary front-end software application for managing order flow, including entering and canceling orders. The CLICK Trade™ application, used only by Electronic Access Members (EAMs), accesses the ISE market over a dedicated telecommunications line, and provides traders with direct access to the Exchange’s posted prices. The workstation also receives continuous market updates from the Central Exchange System throughout the trading day.

The CLICK Trade™ application is licensed to EAMs by ISE. EAMs must furnish their own PC and LAN.


CLICK Trade™ "Lite", a low volume version of the CLICK Trade™ workstation, is available to members seeking to minimize communications costs.

CLICK Trade™ Lite can operate on a dedicated 128 Kpbs line, or over the Internet using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to connect to the Exchange. A VPN offers security and encryption features that provide a level of security comparable to a private line or dedicated network.