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     OM provides both ISEís central exchange system and trading stations. ISE uses an enhanced version of OMís electronic trading system: the OM CLICK Exchange System. Currently, 13 exchanges around the world have acquired this trading system. It is an open, flexible system based on a client/server environment with an open user interface, which means that a wide range of third party applications are available for the system.

     OM also supplies a highly advanced trading station for market makers on the ISE. This trading station is based on the technology used in OMís market-leading ORC trading station, an advanced tool for analyzing financial instruments in real time.

     OM is part of the Swedish OM Group. OM applies advanced transaction technology to increase the efficiency of financial and energy markets worldwide. This is done both by developing trading technology and by owning and operating exchanges. The parent company, OM Gruppen, is listed on the OM Stockholm Exchange.

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