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Fast and Accurate Order Execution

     ISE’s system provides users with an order turnaround time of under one-second. This rapid execution and electronic time stamping of orders and quotes, coupled with locked-in trade matching, contributes to the enhanced speed and accuracy of trading on ISE.

State-of-the-Art Technology

     All ISE market participants (public investors as well as professionals) have their orders processed using the same advanced system. The technology developed by OM for ISE has patents pending on numerous aspects of its groundbreaking functionalities. APIs (application programmers interface) on a variety of platforms are provided to allow broker/dealers to link their order delivery systems to ISE’s order management system. In this way, orders from participating broker/dealers can be routed, executed and reported electronically with no paper, resulting in significant cost savings. To meet the high-performance needs of ISE, the Exchange’s platform is based upon Compaq’s 64-bit Alpha chip.

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